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Fragrant Flowers & Foliage

There are fresh arrivals in the garden department and quite a few feature fragrance.

Star Jasmine
(Trachelospermum jasminoides)

This beautiful vine is prized for its very fragrant, star-shaped, white flowers, and blanket of thick, dark green foliage. Plant it near a patio or entry where the fragrance can be enjoyed. Hardy to 10°F, it can be trained on posts, walls or trellises, or allowed to trail along as a groundcover. Needs part to full sun. $25 gallon size.

Fiona Sunrise Jasmine
(Jasminum officinale)

The foliage on this small vine is a brilliant gold and it has fragrant flowers in the summer. Give it sun to part shade and average water. Perfect in a pot to cascade or climb a pretty little trellis – stems will grow 8-10′, but easily kept smaller. Needs protection if temperatures drop below 25°F. $19.99 gallon size.

Scented Geraniums
(Pelargonium graveolens)

A sensual delight in any home or garden. Their varied and textured leaves, the bright colors of their flowers, the scented oils they produce, and the flavor they can add to food and drinks appeal to all five of our senses.

Leaves of the scented geranium run the gamut from smoothly rounded to finely cut and lacy and from grey-green to dark. Their tiny flowers range from white to shades of lilac and pink to red, often combining colors.

As of this writing, you can find the following fragrances:
Frosted Citrosum (a lemony fragrance)
Grey Lady Plymouth (rose scent with fruity overtones)
Old Fashioned Rose
Prince Rupert (lemon scent)
All varieties – $4.99 in 4 inch pot size, $6.99 in 5 inch pot size.