Brazilian Playground


Brazil is the biggest country in South America and has many wonderful things to discover. It is home to enormous rainforests that contain thousands of different plants and animals, the world’s largest river (the Amazon) and some of the planet’s most beautiful beaches.

There are many special kinds of music in Brazil, from the joyful rhythms of samba and forró to the smooth sounds of bossa nova. Every year there are huge Carnaval celebrations throughout Brazil and people dance and parade wearing elaborate, colorful costumes. We hope you enjoy this introduction to the diverse and wonderful music of Brazil.

1. Pancada

2. Tum tum tum

3. Morena

4. Coco sacudido

5. Alo…alo

6. Eh!Sanfonero

7. Forro no escuro

8. Tem fila

9. Se a alegria existe

10. Xote das meninas(ela so quer)

11. Samba dos animais

12. Expresso 2222

13. Marinheiro so

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