Putumayo World Cafe


A captivating musical celebration featuring singer-songwriters from around the globe.

No matter where you travel in the world, you will eventually stumble upon a great café. While they may take different forms depending on the country and local culture, great cafés share common features including comfortable spots to sit and share stories with friends. In the tropics, this might be outdoors under a leafy trellis with iced coffee or tea. In colder locales, a fireplace and a hot chocolate represent what the Danes call “hygge,” a term whose closest translation is “coziness.”

If you’re going to spend time in a café, in addition to excellent coffee and tea, it should also have good food. And no café is complete without an exceptional musical soundtrack that enhances the environment without interfering with conversation. On this collection, Putumayo has assembled some of the best café-friendly songs and also asked the artists for their favorite recipes that reflect their local cultures and traditions. You’re sure to enjoy your visit to the Putumayo World Café.

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