Tippy South Cloud Black Tea – 3.5oz Tin


Yunnan ‘South Cloud’ is regarded as one of the areas for the Genesis of tea. The Southern part of this province is home to the Mekong and Lancang river basins and to the famous Puer teas. It is also the native home of the ‘Da Ye’, broad leaf tea varietal, which provides unique flavor profiles.

Tippy South Cloud is made at a 100% organic tea garden with a mix of black- and gold-tipped leaves. The golden color emerges during processing and after accurate withering, when moisture dries off of the leaves. Few areas in Yunnan contain this type of plant. Other areas known to have golden-tipped varietals are Hunan and Fujian in China, and Assam in India.

Tippy South Cloud is special during late summer months. Since it is a heavily oxidized (darker) tea, it maintains its flavor well over the months.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Black Tea Leaves.

Loose leaf, 3.5 ounce tin.

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