Ceylon Orange Pekoe Black Tea – 3.5oz Tin


Orange Pekoe is one of the most loved terms in the tea trade. Contrary to popular belief, the term has nothing to do with the color or flavor orange. Orange Pekoe refers to a grading system in which tea leaves are separated by leaf size. Orange pekoe consists of whole new leaves and buds. Other categories include Flowery Orange Pekoe (FOP; extra large leaves), Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP; broken leaves), and many other variations. This grading system is used especially in the countries of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Kenya. Ceylon Orange Pekoe originates in Sri Lanka.

Our Ceylon Orange Pekoe is a fairly light bodied, naturally sweet black tea. It is grown at Lumbini Tea Estate, a prized tea garden part of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Ingredients: Black Tea Leaves.

Looe leaf, 3.5 ounce tin.

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