Puer Tuocha Tea – 3oz Tin


Our Puer Tuocha is a popular tea for tea lovers who appreciate a dark, smooth, earthy flavor and taste.

In making the Puer Tuocha, more mature leaves of the tea plant are selected in summer, sun-dried, steamed, and then shaped into small bowls. The process of shaping the leaves has changed over the years from old-style wooden molds or hand pressing to more mechanized and automated steps. The leaves are processed with a fair amount of moisture so as to allow a natural fermentation to occur and darken the leaves’ color. Some tea processors will let the leaves undergo this fermentation for a month to achieve the desired flavor. This style of puer is called the Wo-dui style, or cooked leaf style puer. Each bowl is wrapped in paper. They are an ideal size for individual servings.

Puer Tuocha is made from the large leaf ‘Da Ye‘ tea plant varietal, better known as Camellia Sinensis ‘Assamica‘. It is made at one of the few organic tea gardens in Yunnan. It can endure long steeping times without gaining any astringency and can be re-infused at least three times. Puer Tuocha is ideal for pairing with oily, savory foods. Some tea drinkers find this tea ideal for brewing in a vacuum thermos overnight, to be enjoyed in the morning.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Puer Tea Leaves. Individual bowls wrapped in paper.

3 ounce tin.

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