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Autumn Fantasies

Heliopsis “Sunstruck”

Hello all!

Having lots of windows in the front of the store gives us a great view of the outdoor yard. Even as we wash our hands to get ready to make coffee, we can look out the window and admire the flowers. Just the other day I glanced out the window and couldn’t help but notice the bright yellow of the Heliopsis in bloom.

Their huge, daisy-like flowers with their sunny gold centers provide a nice splash of color during the heat of the summer. And the shimmery, variegated, toothy foliage adds a nice contrast. In fact, the leaves are so interesting, you could happily just grow them as a foliage plant.

This Heliopsis “Sunstruck” has a compact habit and will form a mound about 16″ tall. And as a bonus, they also make great cut flowers.

And FYI: The name Heliopsis (pronounced /ˌhiːliˈɒpsɪs/, from Greek helios for “sun” and opsis for “appearance”) refers to the bright yellow color of the flowers.

Fall Fantasy

If summer temperatures have you fantasizing about fall, we invite you to drop by the shop to check out the lovely supply of new items to fuel these daydreams. The candles have been freshly stocked in eager anticipation of the change of seasons, and the sock assortment has never been better.

Of course you will also find harvest shaped ceramic knick knacks and forest friends dressed in autumnal sweaters. So cuddle up by the air conditioning, grab a blanket, and dare to dream!

But for you sun worshippers, don’t worry – we promise to wait at LEAST another week or two before displaying the multiple boxes of Halloween décor just waiting in our back room!

Birds with the Words

Need some fresh humor for your fridge or file cabinet? Or, looking for something witty to drop in a card to a friend? We think these birds offer relatable observations that help us laugh at ourselves even in the strangest of situations.