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The Joy of Moss and Petals

Hello all!

ImPRESSive works of art

A practice that dates back a few centuries, pressing flowers is a simple way to preserve a bit of nature’s beauty for educational, sentimental, artistic or any number of reasons that strike one’s fancy.

The art form of using pressed flower petals, leaves and stems to create decorative images is called Oshibana and originated in Japan in the 1500s. If you’d like to go down a visually stunning rabbit trail, hop on Pinterest and type Oshibana in the search bar. From simple project ideas a beginner could make, to jaw-dropping designs that hang in art galleries, it’s a beautiful feast for the eyes.

by Ukrainian artist-florist Tatiana Berdnik

If leaves & petals bring you joy, and you’d like to try your hand at Oshibana, pick up one of the new flower presses now in stock at Incahoots and then take favorite blooms from your garden, interesting finds along a hiking trail, or sentimental flowers from a special event to turn into one of a kind art.

A dry Selaginella on the left and a partially ‘resurrected’ plant on the right

They Patiently Wait

Many Selaginellas (aka spikemoss) are around all year as houseplants and add a soft, verdant texture to dish gardens and terrariums.

But there is one Selaginella that can survive just fine in the drier desert environment. Selaginella lepidophylla, commonly known as ‘resurrection plant’, is renowned for its ability to survive almost complete desiccation. During dry weather in its native habitat (the Chihuahuan Desert), its stems curl into a tight ball, uncurling only when exposed to moisture.

To look good and grow nicely as a houseplant, you should provide it with continuous moisture and humidity, but these plants can survive several years without water by simply drying up and going dormant. They will begin reviving within a couple of hours of being watered and fully unfurl within days.

Be sure to check them out the next time you are in.

Part Puzzle, Part Quest, All Fun

Puzzle Quest is happening now at parks all over the Yamhill County. You can get your Passport here at Incahoots for the phenomenal low price of just $2! The Passport contains all the instructions you need to find the hidden clues and solve the puzzle.

If you’re in it for the chance to win a prize, you have until September 23rd to visit all the parks and submit your entry.