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Let the Rain Fall

Whether it’s brought about by the changing of the seasons or the influx of new merchandise arriving this time of year, the “let’s move things around at Incahoots” bug has gotten to us once again.

Some things are getting moved because of the upcoming weather (e.g. plants that need to come inside), while other things get moved just for fun (wouldn’t that look good over there?)

In anticipation of the impending precipitation in the forecast (and also the fact that they were just plain difficult to reach) you’ll now find the Rain Chains outside near the store entry. When hung in the right location (i.e. under a downspout), rainwater will follow down the chain to a rain barrel, landscaped bed, or water feature while it creates a mesmerizing display.

Lots of designs to choose from: Umbrellas, Pine Cones, Dragonflies, Bees, and many others.

Wild for Oregon

If scents like peppermint and vanilla bring you joy, you will be pleased to know that Wild for Oregon has a new lotion with the perfect combination of both of these lovely fragrances. (Also available in bar soap).

Here is what they have to say about this welcome addition to their already fabulous line of products:

Cool down with the icy touch of menthol and energize your spirit with the scent of invigorating peppermint while settling into the comforting notes of spiced vanilla. We use a house blend of Oregon sourced peppermints & spearmints in this energizing body lotion. A touch of menthol will give you an invigorating, cooling sensation. Spiced Vanilla notes will linger on your skin.