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Tea and Some DIY

Thinking of You Week starts this coming Monday, September 19th and continues through Sunday, September 25th.

This will be the 5th annual Thinking of You Week – an international celebration devoted to keeping in touch with loved ones through hand-written notes and greeting cards.

Technology continues to connect us in more ways than we can (or want to) imagine, but it can’t add that personal touch and special connection to a relationship.

Sending a card is simply a great way to add a smile to someone’s day.

So feel free to come browse the Incahoots card racks and see who you think of.

Some Assembly Required

It’s always fun to introduce new products, especially when they are such a perfect fit for our shop.

Now on display you will find a gift that takes Incahootians’ love of fairy gardens, puzzles, books, plants, and do-it-yourself flair into one amazing kit. These DIY Miniature Houses are made by Robotime and include everything you need to create the fairy-sized greenhouse (or cafe, or garden, or book shop) of your dreams.

Roughly 64 square inches in size when completed, each kit is made mainly from wood, paper, fabric and metal, and all are customizable to your unique sense of style. Each diorama-style scene also features a working miniature lamp or chandelier for that extra charming wow factor. We look forward to hearing your feedback about these projects and taking requests for which designs to order for holiday gift-giving.

Mounted Epiphytes!

Easy to care for and beautiful to look at, epiphytes are a plant that grows on another plant, but is not parasitic, such as the numerous ferns, bromeliads, tillandsias, and orchids growing on tree trunks in tropical rainforests.

They love bright indirect light, but will tolerate medium light.

Let them dry out completely and then fully soak.

Mist the plant (fronds or leaves) daily to keep the environment humid and the plant happy.

Fertilize regularly during the growing season (you can even add fertilizer to your mister and feed them through their fronds and leaves (be careful not to spray flowers)).

Add one to your gallery wall for some depth and texture, or go big and make a whole gallery wall with them! (note: they take time to mount, so please call ahead if you need multiples.)

Introducing Celebrate Our Home Herb Tea

Homemade apple pie, a symbol of abundance and national pride, is a staple of holidays throughout the year. This blend combines the essence of baked apples and adds inviting spices for an herbal chai tea worthy of celebration — wonderful served hot or over ice.